The Project

Sometime in the future, will have a pico satellite launched into a low earth orbit (310 km above the surface of our planet). The satellite itself is a TubeSat personal satellite kit, developed and launched by interorbital systems. mur.sat is a joint venture of, esc medien kunst labor and realraum.

A team of about 30 people around (Graz/Austria) builds its first picosatellite called mursat1, based on the knowledge of Interorbital Systems, IOS, and developped further following our research requests. In 2013 or later, mursat1 will be sent into space. We expand Public Space - noncommercial, noninstitutional, experimental, researching and exploring - to see, hear, test, send, receive, and perform.
"In an age when state agencies are sending robotic explorers into space, (...) artists should launch robotic artists." GX Jupitter-Larsen, 2011

In the timespan of one century, the space outside earth has been integrated smoothly and without friction into economic utilization processes. In order to counterbalance economical procedures that have been employed in the exploration and investigation of space, we vindicate the right to explore and investigate for ourselves. We claim "the" space as "public" space, in which other projections, wishes, concerns, desires, purposes and undertakings of different matter have authority and entitlement. With the move out into space, mur.sat takes the opportunity to analyse earth from outside. With the development of TubeSat, it has become relatively easy and affordable to send out our own research device. Adding some technical know how, we are able to define a set of tasks that mur.sat should fulfill during his short life time.

mur.sat is a cooperation between the Graz-based organisations, realraum and ESC im LABOR.
The Team: Christian Pointner, Bernhard Tittelbach, Patrick Strasser, Reni Hofmüller, Jogi Hofmüller, Alien Productions (Andrea Sodomka, Norbert Math, Martin Breindl), Takashi Linzbichler, Eva Stern, Erik Unger, Richie Herbst, Heimo Ranzenbacher, Christoph Holas, Ernesto Rico-Schmidt, Peter Venus.

This website is the main entry point for communication. Visit the section called Events for an overview of upcoming and past events. Have a look at the Gallery section, where we collect images of our activities. Our Press section lists various articles on mur.sat, that were published during the course of this project.

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